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Can Be Applied to...

Radiant Barrier can be applied to any paintable surface including:

  • Flat Top Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Exterior Surfaces
  • Any Paintable Surface
What Will I Save?

According to the Department of Energy, installing a radiant barrier in your attic can reduce the heat gain through the ceiling as much as 42%. This reduced heat load results in up to 17% in savings on utility bills.  In the summer it blocks most of the radiant heat from penetrating insulation and heating up your house.  In the winter it will reflect some of the lost heat back towards the living area of your house. 

How Effective Is It?

What kind of testing has been performed to verify this products effectiveness? Independent research labs in the U.S. And Europe have tested spray-on radiant barriers and have confirmed their low emissivity values (the amount of radiant heat that can pass through it). Many utility companies around the United States have validated these findings by offering significant rebates for customers that install radiant barriers - check with your energy provider to see if you qualify.

BBB Accredited
Don't Let The Heat Take a Bite Out Of Your Energy Bill!
Fight Back With A Radiant Barrier!

application.jpgRadiant barriers were originally developed by NASA to protect spacecraft and astronauts from the extreme temperatures in space. Since then, the product has undergone extensive research and development and is now available for residential, commercial, and industrial use to help homeowners and businesses reduce their energy costs and protect the environment.

Radiant barriers are installed, most commonly in attics, to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss, which helps lower heating and cooling costs. The barriers consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. Radiant barrier is a low emissivity reflective coating that is sprayed on your attic ceiling to reflect the sun's heat away from your home, subsequently keeping your attic cooler, and your electric bills lower!

  • Radiant Barrier coating reflects over 81% of the sun's heat away from your home Radiant Barrier Spray
  • Lowers the temperature in the attic 20 - 40 degrees
  • Permeable - does not trap moisture - allows water vapor to permeate
  • Excellent investment - reduces heating and cooling costs by as much as 15% (as certified by an independent testing laboratory)
  • Greatly improves interior comfort levels
  • Improves efficiency of existing insulation (makes R-19 work like an R-35)
  • Only economical way to retrofit radiant barrier to existing structures
  • May be easily applied to side walls and garage doors
  • Unaffected by rodents, birds and insects
How does a radiant barrier differ from conventional attic insulation?

Radiant barriers reduce the amount of heat that is radiated into the attic which lowers attic temperatures, conventional insulation traps the heat that is already in the attic and slows down, (doesn't stop it, simply slows it down) the heat transfer into the house.

Radiant heat is generated by many of the things around us. In summer, the sun is the primary source of radiant energy. It heats the exterior of your home, and this heat eventually is conducted into the interior. In this care, the spray on barrier helps keep your home cool by reflecting back the suns radiant energy and preventing heating build-up in your attic.

A single coat of our spray applied to the underside of your roof deck will block up to 81% of the sun's radiant heat from entering the attic of your home..

And in winter, the same radiant barrier will reflect back up to 65% of the heat that tries to escape from your home through the attic.

Yet unlike foil substrates ,installed with staples and tape to bottom of rafters thereby cutting of ventilation to open space of attic ,without labor intensive retrofit to each and every roof vent to allow proper ventilization,radiant barrier spray can be applied evenly over entire surface, with no gaps or holes,tape,or staples,to come lose,tear, causing maintainence, in occurance of a strong draft,with a breezey or sudden change in wind direction,that does occur in a properly vented attic.And because it is sprayed on, it can be appllied to new and exsisting structures,with certainty to hard to reach areas more economicly.Go Green with Brawley Construction Systems

During the winter 50-75% of heat loss is through the ceiling/roofing system and 65-80% of heat loss through the walls is radiant. During the summer, 93% of the heat gain in your attic is from radiant heat.

We have found spray-on radiant barriers are often more cost effective than foil barriers, however, our Energy Consultants will work with you to determine the best type of radiant barrier for your home and budget. Our goal is to install a product that will deliver you the best results and the quickest return on investment. Saving you money now and for years to come.

Another aspect of radiant barriers are important when the air handler or air-conditioning ducts are installed in the attic space. The roof applications of radiant barriers can result in lowered air temperatures within the attic space, which in turn can reduce heat gains by the air flowing through the ducts, thus increasing the efficiency of the air-conditioning system.

Not Only Saves Money -- Saves Energy As Well!

How do radiant barriers work?

All materials used in building construction brick, stone, asphalt, paper, and so on, regardless of their color, adsorb and then emit, (give off), thermal heat. On a sunny summer day, solar energy is absorbed by the roofing materials and roof sheathing, temperatures can reach as high as 140 - 160 °F. This absorbed heat radiates downward toward the attic floor.

When a radiant barrier is placed on the underside of the roof sheathing, much of the heat radiated from the hot roof is reflected back outside. This makes the attic insulation cooler and thus reduces the amount of heat that moves through the insulation into the rooms below the ceiling.

How long does this product last?

Our spray applied radiant barrier has the durability of a premium latex paint. It should give 25 years of service and more in an enclosed attic for long term energy savings!

Does the energy-saving effect wear off over time?

Over time the accumulation of dust and grim on foil radiant barriers will diminish its effectiveness. However, since our sprayed radiant barrier coating is installed on the underside of your roof deck, it is safe to assume that minimal dust & grim will accumulate for extended energy savings with no maintenence issues! 


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Chemrex - Now owned by BASF



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Sherwin Williams


Therma-Guard Silver

United Community Services Of America



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Hy-Tech Barrier Coat #85 - A



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